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1989 - Wolverine and Nick Fury

Wolverine and Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection
Marvel Graphic Novel #50
64 pages
Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artist: Howard Chaykin

“It seems like a surefire formula for success: Take two tough, no-nonsense heroes, add a story filled with espionage and intrigue, set it in a variety of exotic locales around the world, toss in some unexpected twists and surprises, have it written and illustrated by two of the top talents in comics, and what do you get? The Scorpio Connection”
   - Marvel Age #79 (October 1989)

“I've always liked Nick Fury, especially when Jim Steranko was writing and drawing his series in the 60's. I had to write several fill-in issues of S.H.I.E.L.D. when Steranko left, and I always felt that I never had the chance to give it my best shot. In the back of my mind, I always wanted another chance.”
   - Archie Goodwin, Marvel Age #79 (October 1989)

The Scorpio Connection is a decent story with enough twists and turns to pull you along. This story exemplifies the strength of Archie Goodwin’s writing. Bringing together to solitary characters and have them tackle some real issues. Chaykin’s art is always solid.

Howard Chaykin established himself with the Indy series American Flagg. He rarely contributed to either of the Big Two (DC and Marvel). Interestingly, it apparently took Archie Goodwin three years to write the script after Chaykin had drawn the graphic novel (Marvel Age #79 - October 1989).

Richard Ory did a wonderful job with the colours and in some panels the colours where used to fill in the background, like luscious Mediterranean sunsets or the grainy black and white flashbacks.

The basic plot is a pretty standard team-up. An event brings together two heroes. They each try to take on the threat on their own and fail. However, together they’re able to come out on top.

The event is the death of a mutual friend at the hands of someone posing as Fury’s late brother, Scorpio. However, things get rather complicated as the mastermind behind the situation turns out to be an old flame Fury played back in his C.I.A. days. Fortunately, he has Wolverine tag along with him to keep him in check. Things become a bit more personal when they find out who this new Scorpio really is.

This storyline continues in the pages the Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ongoing series in late 1989.

Howard Chaykin wrote a 1994 sequel to this graphic novel called Scorpio Rising that brings all three characters together again.


  1. Someone actually got paid to draw the cover to Scorpio Rising.

  2. Yes, indeed. Looks like Shawn McManus...

  3. That was a great Graphic Novel, the late Goodwin was an awesome character, we may be in some sort of shynchronnicty, since last week I read Goodwin s Manhunter. The Plot and artwork on Scorpio connection is pretty decent, a question for you Jason what happened to this Scorpio ( Nick Fury s son) ?

  4. Hey Patricio, thanks for the comment. If I recall correctly, Scorpio actually joined his father as part of the ongoing SHIELD series that came out a year after this story. He's still part of SHIELD as far as I know...

  5. 2 characters I've never cared about.



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