Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1982-83 - Bill Sienkiewicz's Dazzler covers

Bill Sienkiewicz did a few Dazzler covers in 1982, but become the regular Dazzler cover artist in July 1983 for just under a year. I was always disappointed as the interior art was so crude in comparison to his art.

And it's interesting to contrast the covers of Dazzler #15 and the others from 1983 and you can see the clear shift in Sienkiewicz's art style.


  1. Dazzler #32!! I forgot about that cover!! I use to love it!!
    Man I feel all warm on the inside...thats why I love this blog!!

  2. No... thanks to you Jason! Keep up the great research!!

  3. When you posted your earlier Dazzler entry I commented how much I loved Bill Sienciewickz covers. From the ones you display 27 and 28 are my favorite. As I said before I loved the Dazzler series, the original white Disco Outfit, the original concept of the reluctan hero, etc. really a unique series.

  4. Man, what a great blog! I've been checking this place regularly ever since discovering it, and man, I'm glad finally recognized Marvel's greatness in the 80s in such a special way! Thanks Marcelo!

  5. Hey Anonymous, thanks for the kind words!

  6. I loved the original costume and logo!



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