Sunday, January 30, 2011

1986 - Dark Pheonix poster by Rick Leonardi

Found this beautiful black and white poster of the Dark Phoenix by Rick Leonardi and Terry Austin in the pages of Comic Feature Presents. Would love to see a better scan (and in colour) of this print. Anyone out there actually pick this up in 1986?


  1. I had this poster (in full colour) until just a few years ago but it was regretably damaged when my basement flooded and all of my poster tubes were soaked. The colour poster was awesome.

  2. Hey Ameron, thanks for sharing. That must have been painful.

  3. Wow--forgot about this one, nice to see it again. I would love a better scan, too.

    Hey, do you remember seeing any artwork that Neal Adams did for an X-Men portfolio or graphic novel? I clearly remember seeing one plate in the 1980s, in Amazing Heroes magazine or something. It had the new X-Men at a cemetery visiting Jean Grey's grave. Dark Phoenix is bursting out of the ground, Cyclops is holding his head in agony. Never published as I recall, just shown in a magazine.

  4. Hey Richard,stay tuned for my next post...



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