Sunday, January 16, 2011

1985 - Whatever happened to the Sandman limited series?

Whatever happened to the Sandman limited series? Okay, most of you probably didn’t even know there was a Sandman limited series in plan circa 1985.

I came across the following piece in an issue of Amazing Heroes or Comics Feature (can’t for the life of me find it again). But, it’s a Mike Zeck Sandman panel apparently as a promo for an upcoming miniseries sometime in 1985-86.

However, the piece never saw print until 1990 in the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #24. It was a 12-page backup story that beefed up those thick annuals. The story focused on Sandman’s attempt to reform, which would later come to fruition in a few years with him actually joining the Avengers. Unfortunately, Zeck only did this first part. The story thread was picked up and completed in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10 by writer Tony Isabella and artist Ross Andru. This second part was a disappointment and all it really did was adequately wrap up the storyline and set the stage for Sandman's rise to a hero.


  1. So, this would have been a limited series by Zeck and DeMatteis? I think it would have been great, considering their work together on Captain America (Zeck ultimately left before that run was over but Paul Neary finished up with JMD).

  2. Couldn't find out any details on who the writer on the original proposed series might have been. Guess that it might have been DeFalco since he's credited as the "inspiration" for this story in the credits.



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