Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1985 - Marvel Top Ten for January

Here were the direct sales ranking of Marvel titles (from Marvel Age #27):

  1. Uncanny X-Men #193
  2. Web of Spider-Man #2
  3. Alpha Flight #22
  4. New Mutant #27
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #264
  6. Fantastic Four #278
  7. Thor #355
  8. Avengers #255
  9. Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #102
  10. G.I. Joe #35


  1. wow i always assumed that the "B" spider-man titles would have been farther down (though i guess web benefited from still being new, but i'm surprised about spectacular!). would be interesting to see how these stacked up against the overall comics sales for that month.

  2. Wow---John Byrne must've been surprised that the title he did so reluctantly was out-selling his FF run! I've never seen a ranking from this time period. Heady times for Spidey---still getting classic Marvel in Jan. '85! I'm surprised Spectacular did that well, too---that's an inventory story!! So had X-Men pretty much stayed the top seller going back to the Dark Phoenix saga? I dearly loved finding Statements of Ownership and comparing my favorite titles. They were my life back then!



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