Monday, July 26, 2010

Top 10 Marvel deaths in the 1980s

In my humble opinion of course:

  1. Jean Grey (Phoenix) – Uncanny X-Men #137
  2. Captain Marvel – The Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel
  3. Elektra – Daredevil #181
  4. Guardian – Alpha Flight (1983) #12
  5. Vision – West Coast Avengers #42-44
  6. Jean DeWolffe - Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #107
  7. Dracula – Doctor Strange #62
  8. General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross – Incredible Hulk #330
  9. Walter Langowski (Sasquatch) – Alpha Flight (1983) #23
  10. Douglas Ramsey (Cypher) - New Mutants #60


  1. no argument about #1. though to be honest with you, cypher's death always really bothered me. it seemed like such a pointless waste of a good character.

  2. My list matched yours 6/10 (I forgot about Thunderbolt Ross, that should be on my list, too).

    Instead of Sasquatch, Cypher and Vision I would add:

    -Red Skull (in Capt. America 300, the death didn't stick, but it was very dramatic)
    -Ned Leeds/Hobgoblin
    -as well as Reed and Sue Richards's unborn baby, which was deeply moving...

    shoot, now I'm thinking of Brother Blood, and all those crazy Scourge deaths...the 80's were a bloodbath!

    Thanks for the fun post.

    p.s. Skurge the Executioner! Who could forget that?

  3. Hey dhole, great comment! How could I forget Kraven's death and of course Skruge? Good call. Yes, the death of the Richard's baby was brutal, I remember that one page, small panel surrounded by black.

    Never really cared much for Ned Leeds, but I do recall his death was particularly brutal, I think he was strangled...

  4. 1. Guardian
    2. Sue's unborn child
    3. Skurge

  5. Have to add Tim Hammond from Amazing Spider-Man 248. Along with the Richards child those where the ones that stayed with me.

  6. So far only Cypher and Captain Mar-vell.



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