Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1984 - Best 10 Books

From Amazing Heroes #63 – Best 10 Books of 1984 by R.A. Jones
1 – Swamp Thing
2 – Jon Sable
3 – American Flagg
4 – Teen Titans
5 – Fantastic Four
6 – X-Men
7 – Blue Devil
8 – Atari Force
9 – Dr. Strange
10 – Power Pack

If you collected comics in 1984, which ones were you picking up…

I was a little late to the game on Swamp Thing and would pick up Moore’s amazing run through trade paperbacks. I couldn’t get into Sable and Flagg at that age. I was picking up Teen Titans, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Dr. Strange. Picked up a few issues of Power Pack, but was never into the young kids point-of-view. And I loved the early issues of Blue Devil. It had a fun 1980s storyline with loads of crossovers and wonderful art.


  1. I was eleven years old in 1984 and was regularly buying items five through ten on this list. At the time, I did all my comic shopping at grocery stores and convenience stores and never even saw an in issue of Jon Sable or American Flagg. I picked up an issue or two of Swamp Thing at the time but never really got into it. In the eighties, I was buying nearly every comic I saw (thanks, Mom and Dad!) but I somehow made it through the entire decade without a single issue of Teen Titans. I'm not sure how that happened. I was far more into Marvel, but I'm still not sure how I avoided that title.

  2. Thanks for the comment! The Teen Titans was one of those amazing teen books from the 1980s (very similar to New Mutants with the next generation of heroes growing up and maturing). Might have to go back and reread some of those books tonight...

  3. its hard to believe Dr strange was that high up, i rarely picke them up. Yes, Teen Titans, FF, and X-men were pretty awesome in 1984. I also picek up the first coupla Power Packs, they were pretty good. I was all about Marvel team-UP, Avengers, Batman/Outsider, and Power Man/Iron Fist.....and Cap, Iron Man, and amazing Spidey, of course!


  4. On my personal list, Byrne's FF was #1 from that year -- and shame on this R.A. Jones-whoever-that-is for leaving off Simonson's Thor!

  5. Never could get into American Flagg.



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