Monday, July 12, 2010

1987 - X-Men vs Avengers Revisited (Part 4 - Wrapping it all up...)

Well, it's not hard to see how different this miniseries might have been. Interestingly, it must have been re-written at some point by Stern to reflect the way the series actually turned out. Obviously, from an editor point of view, Mark Gruenwald, he wanted this to be more of a character piece focusing on Magneto rather than the event it was billed up to be. Personally, an all-out battle miniseries would have been great. This miniseries almost needed to be renamed to properly fit its story and theme.

Stern's actual plot for issue #4 is also included in X-Men vs Avengers Marvel Premiere Edition. His plot is quite similar and seems to add more reluctance from Magneto which does line up with Magneto's story arc over the next few years as he becomes the School Master for Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngersters.

Here's a couple of pieces of original art featuring Marc Silvestri's pencils:


  1. Are those Joe Rubenstein inks over Silvestri's pencils? SUCH the wrong inker for Silvestri. No wonder I didn't recognize this as Silvestri's work after seeing his debut in Uncanny X-Men. All the energy is sucked out by the soft, generic inking. He even ruined the great dramatic shadow on Magneto in that first panel!

  2. I liked silvestri's work on this. He drew a great She-Hulk.

  3. He did draw an awesome She-Hulk, especially in the Revenge of the Living Monolith Graphic Novel.



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