Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thoughts on Iron Man 2 (Spoiler Free)

Iron Man 2 was a lot of fun. The first film really set the bar high and this one didn't quite match it, but didn't do it a disservice either... It moved along quite while not hampered by having to tell an origin backstory. I was impressed with Mickey Rourke as he turned out a fine acting job. I also have a whole new appreciation for Scarlet Johansson.

Nice to see some 1980s and 90s writers get some story credits, like John Byrne, Len Kamenski, and Kevin Hapgood.

Make sure you stay through the end credits.


  1. Discovered this blog today- great stuff!

  2. i wasn't too sold on backlash as a villian, but boy did i love justin hammer. overall not nearly as good as the first, but i still enjoyed it.

  3. Black Widow was great. Movie felt like they tried to fit too much into it.



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