Monday, May 3, 2010

Another round of 1980s Marvel Trivia!

  1. Who killed Rachel Van Helsing (1982)? 
  2. What organization wanted to hire and equip the Punisher during his miniseries (1986)?
  3. Who were wed in Fantastic Four Annual #18 (1984)?
  4. Which eye did Dr. Strange loose in the pages of Strange Tales (1987)?
  5. In which series did Cloak and Dagger debut (1982) and what issue #?
  6. Which Avenger was hyper-evolved and sacrificed himself to take down the High Evolutionary (1988)?
  7. Which romantic interest did both Cyclops and Magneto have in common (1981)?
  8. Which fromer hero did Mockingbird let fall to his death (1987)?


  1. Most of these are guesses.

    #1) Logan, in an act of mercy.

    #2) No clue.

    #3) Sue and Reed seem too obvious, but I can’t think of who else it might be.

    #4) The Eye of Agamotto?

    #5) Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man #64.

    #6) Michael Korvak?

    #7) Emma Frost?

    #8) Ghost Rider (the gun-slinging one, not the one with the flaming skull)

  2. 3. medusa and black bolt
    4. the all seeing eye of agamoto? (guessing)
    5. peter parker, the spectacular spider-man #64
    7. lee forrester

  3. Updating...
    #1) Logan is correct.
    #3) Medusa and Black Bolt is correct.
    #5) Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man #64 is corect.
    #7) Lee Forrester is correct.
    #8) Ghost Rider/Phantom Rider is correct.

    Still looking for correct answers to...
    #2,#4, & #6

    Thanks for playing!

  4. All the answers I knew are gone, so here are my educated guesses:

    2. SHIELD
    4. The Beholder
    6. Dr. Druid

  5. Nice guesses dhole, here are the answers:

    #2) The Trust
    #4 His left eye.
    #6 Hercules

    Thanks for playing!

  6. Wow, I remember the Trust, but those other answers I had no idea! Dr. Strange actually lost an eye?

    Great questions, looking forward to playing more down the line.

  7. Yeah, Strange lost his eye during his run in Strange Tales (v2 which he shared with Cloak & Dagger). Trying out the Nick Fury thing :)

  8. FF Annual #18 was frickin' awesome.....picked it up early in my comic book days, and it still is one of my faves!




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