Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1984 - Secret Wars unpublished art

Here are a few pages of unpublished Mike Zeck art for Secret Wars #3 and #7 I came across. I included the original page for comparison... enjoy


  1. Funny you should post this, because I just finished reading Secret Wars this morning. Definitely not my favorite thing to come out of Marvel in the '80s, but Zeck's art did make it a bit better.

  2. Hello Jason. Just found your site today as i tried searching down some of Roger Sterns collected work. I'm loving the site and really look forward to future posts.

  3. As problematic as Secret Wars is, I have to admit that seeing Spider-Man beat the crap out of the X-Men, particularly his write-off of Wolverine (who really would be about on par with...the Tarantula if he was a Spider-Man villain), is a lot of fun :)

  4. Thanks for the comments! Glad you guys get a kick out of the site!

  5. @andy:

    I imagine due to X-men hype (even though they were nowhere near as overexposed as they are today) a lot of people liked Spidey's butt-whoop on 'em, but I must say as a 12-year old X-fan that scene had me pretty annoyed.

    Just remember things like Rogue unable to break the webs and exclaiming "It's like steel cable" and me yelling at the comic book "But you can BREAK steel cable", and so on...

    And the back-handed smack at Wolverine got me mad too.

    And then next issue Wasp beats on Magneto!

    Lemme tell you, issue 5's "X-men fight back" moment couldn't come soon enough.

    I did take some satisfaction a few years later when Wolverine's uber-competence was showcased in the Spider-Man/Wolverine one-shot. Spidey learned a bit of respect in that one, I'm guessing.

    Despite the bit of mutant-bashing, I have fond memories of Secret Wars. And it sure brought the Wrecking Crew back into fashion, didn't it?

  6. not that i wasn't happy with the work they went to press with but i have to say i think i like the unfinished pages better. i loved Secret Wars so it's weird to see someone ( Marc )who apparently wasn't too impressed with it. but that's how i felt about the original 80s CRISIS on Infinite Earth's DC series. can't understand what people saw in that but it's a series that i read in recent years and not way back then so that maybe makes a difference. i like the X-Men but it was nice seeing Spider Man kick their collective asses. if you ever come across any ROM Spaceknight sketches that never made it to press i would love to see em!

  7. Spider-Man making a joke of the X-Men, especially Wolverine, is one of the best moments of Secret Wars. That later Spidey-Wolvie team-up was such crud: the cult of Wolverine had taken hold and suddenly Wolverine was the greatest at everything and everyone else was naive and amateurish in comparison. YUCK.

  8. These pages go to the Zeck quote about why were there so many art corrections... "Because the story wasn't dull enough."



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