Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marvel 1980s goodness out this week

Alien Legion Omnibus Vol. #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
Writer: Alan Zelenetz
Artists: Frank Cirocco, Chris Warner, Terry Shoemaker, Terry Austin, and Randy Emberlin

Originally published under Marvel's Epic imprint, this series was pretty kick ass for the day and featured great art by Cirocco.

Footsloggers and soldiers of fortune, priests, poets, killers, and cads-they fight for a future Galarchy, for cash, for a cause, for the thrill of adventure. Culled from the forgotten and unwanted of three galaxies, they are trained to be the most elite, and expendable, of fighting forces. Sometimes peacekeepers, sometimes shock troops, the Legion is sent into the Galarchy's most desperate internal and external conflicts. Legionnaires live rough and they die hard, tough as tungsten and loyal to the dirty end. 352 pages

The 'Nam TPB
Writer: Doug Murray
Artists: Mike Golden/Wayne Vansant

Don't worry about choosing sides, because this far into the heart of darkness, things get pretty gray. Follow Private Ed Marks and his fellow soldiers through a jungle of blood, lies, betrayal and valor. It's the war that defined a generation, where the heroes may not be super, but they're all too human. Collecting THE 'NAM #1-10. 248 pages.


  1. This is one of my favorite comic books from the 80's (both volumes), and I'm pretty sure I have each issue, GN and TPB ever published. I would love for some industrious writer/team to adapt it into a movie or better yet a TV series with the budget to do it right.

    Also, I happened onto your blog when googling what Avengers issues Roger Stern wrote. Your blog is now bookmarked and I'm making my way through your old posts now. I really enjoy and appreciate your blog, please keep up the great work!

  2. Hey JG, thanks for the kind words about my blog. Glad you like it!



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