Monday, November 9, 2009

1987 - Marvel Graphic Novel #27 - Emperor Doom

Marvel Graphic Novel #27 - Emperor Doom
Writer: David Michelinie
Artists: Bob Hall and Keith Williams

Okay, up front I’ll admit I’m a big West Coast Avengers fan. There I’ve said it. I really enjoyed the 1984 miniseries (which also featured art from Bob Hall) and loved how these B-level superheroes came together as an A-level Avengers team. This graphic novel took place before the regular series.

Dr. Doom kidnaps the Purple Man and uses his powers in his latest scheme to take over the world. He enlists the aid of Namor to help him gain control of those who aren't susceptible to the Purple Man's powers. His plan, for once, goes rather smoothly and in no time he's declared Emperor of the World. Interestingly, Doom proved to be an intelligent, resourceful leader solving most of the world's problem by bringing it peace and stability.

Meanwhile, our Rip Van Winkle, Wonder Man who's been undergoing a test in a stasis chamber for a month, awakens and to his horror discovers that Doom now rules the world.

It’s a fun story that you should definitely try and pick up. Michelinie really makes Wonder Man shine in this story. He's usually been used as a bland, second rate hero. But in this story, we get into Simon Williams' head and really get a good feel for who he is.

However, the really interesting part of this story is that Doom is so bored with ruling the planet that he lets the heroes defeat him.

This story was based on a concept jointly developed by Mark Gruenwald, David Michelinie, and Jim Shooter.

The art isn’t as solid as the miniseries. Something just felt off. Bob Hall is a respectable penciler, but his inking seemed inconsistent. The inking assists by Keith Williams probably came into play here as well lending to that inconsistent feel.

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  1. It's a shame this story has been ignored in Marvel continuity.



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