Friday, November 6, 2009

Hercules Full Circle Premiere HC

Not sure how this one slipped by me, but I'm a huge Layton Hercules fan and wanted to pass this on. If you enjoyed the two Hercules miniseries (reprinted in the first Premiere HC), check this one out!

Written by BOB LAYTON Penciled by BOB LAYTON Covers by BOB LAYTON Bob Layton had a vision of the future - Greek gods, sarcastic robots, transvestite aliens and more - and it's time to share it! The Prince of Power encounters the Wonder of the World of Wilamean, his own half-human son! Can the man-god who changed the courses of rivers and history steer his son to the path of justice? It'll help that there's a lot of fighting involved! Plus: rare creator interviews, artwork and more! Collecting MARVEL TALES #197, MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #37, MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #39-41 and material from MARVEL AGE #4 & #65. 120 PGS.

And a quick plug for the current Incredible Hercules series. Check it out as well, great writing and good art. It reminds you that comics can be fun even among the more serious Marvel titles these days.

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