Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1983 - Whatever happened The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans crossover sequel?

The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans Special from 1982 was such a success that plans for a sequel were put into motion (see the New Teen Titans #29 letter page). This time around, the crossover special would be handled by the regular New Teen Titans creative team, Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Perez was also busy drawing the upcoming JLA/Avengers crossover.

From the New Teen Titans #38’s letter page:

“The second Titans/X-Men team-up will be published later this year if schedules are willing. George will be drawing it and I (Marv) will write. It should be a goodie. One advanced bit of info is the villains - Brother Blood and The Hellfire Club. Interested now?”

However, the editorial dispute over the JLA/Avengers crossover led to not only the cancellation of that book, but also in the cancellation of The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen sequel. That editorial rift between companies lasted for just over a decade until the Batman and Punisher crossover was published.


  1. too bad, i loved that first one. maybe my all time favorite simonson art job.

  2. Agreed. A wonderful standalone story and amazing Simonson art.



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