Thursday, August 6, 2015

GenCon 2015 Report Part 4 - Day 4 True Dungeon!

Sunday - True Dungeon!

I'll admit upfront that I was skeptical about doing this and had to be convinced to participate. Why? I'm not really into Live Action Role Playing and the price seemed a bit steep especially with the Canadian dollar being so low. However, my friends prevailed and we signed up for both of the session on Sunday morning. We decided to do the puzzle route as it featured more puzzle rooms than combat rooms.

We picked up a couple of packs of True Dungeon tokens ahead of our sessions to supplement our equipment. There was a kind trader just outside the entrance who took the time to explain the types and rarities of the tokens. A tip of the hat to him.

Armed with that knowledge, we entered The Underdark. The session kicked off with the assignment of equipment through the use of those tokens. You place them on a user-friendly character map and the attendants record your equipment and stats.

You then take your character sheet and put it around your neck. I selected the Paladin class and was the party's tank with an armour class of 22.

Next, you're introduced to the mechanics of combat and spell casting. Combat proved to be quite fun. At the end of a table there's an outline of the character or creature we're battling. Each player puts their weapon of choice into a small puck and slides it towards that outline. Across the outline is a series of numbers, from 1-20, representing the value of your hit. All players must slide their weapons before the Dungeon Master can determine the amount of damage caused. As the time in each room is closely monitored, you have to work as a team to defeat these monsters. Your puck can knock other pucks closer or off the mark, so you have to be careful.

The spellcasters, like wizards, clerics, and druids, had to memorize and identify elements of their spells. When they cast their spells during the adventure, they're put to the test and if they succeed, their spells succeed with bonuses.

It didn't take us long to get into the action and work our way through the Underdark chambers in search of a Drow assassin. The puzzle rooms were a lot of fun as well, creative and entertaining. The size and the scope of the layout was impressive, considering that the entire dungeons had to be transported here, assembled, and then taken down.

By the end of The Underdark, I wanted more and couldn't believe how quickly the adventure had passed. Fortunately, we had signed up for the other adventure, The Sable Gauntlet. We had failed at the final room in the previous adventure, so we found ourselves the captives of the Dark Elves and as their prisoners, we were forced to walk their gauntlet. Once again I was impressed by the puzzle rooms and the volunteers who acted as the dark elves put on a fabulous show. The only complaint I had was for the first adventure, there didn't seem to be a resolution of the storyline, even though we failed the final room.

The next time I attend GenCon, I won't have any doubt or skepticism in taking on True Dungeon's next adventures!

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