Friday, August 14, 2015

1981 - Anatomy of a Cover - Spectacular Spider-Man #59

By Bob Wiacek with a tip of the hat to Ditko and Kirby's Amazing Spider-Man #10.


  1. The Marvel Comics Database mentions Kirby as well as having worked on the cover. My guess is he inked Ditko, which could explain why Spidey's webbing on the costume isn't right. Kirby never got that detail right when he drew Spider-Man.

  2. Hey Michael, thanks for stopping by. All of Spidey, now that I look at it, seems like Kirby did. Spidey's just too muscular. Then Enforcers are definitely Ditko.

  3. @Jason: I think you're right. Kirby never got Spidey right. To me that proves Kirby didn't design Spider-Man. Although I know there are fans out there that think he did. I tend to believe Ditko's version of the creation of the way Spidey looks. But then again, I wasn't there when it happened.



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