Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1985 - Dazzler House Ad


  1. I remember that ad. I actually liked the disco outfit. I remember the cover of #2 on the spinner rack at the local convenience store, which was my introduction to the character, since #1 was direct sale only. I collected #2 up, but i think i stopped collecting the title before #38. It was as much a romance series as it was a superhero series, if i remember right.

    The new Dazzler...the new Defenders...New Universe...the new Coke... "New" wasn't very lasting in the 80's, but at least Marvel was trying new ideas back then and wasn't stagnant and boring like it is now. And there wasn't a bunch of bad storylines that made fans irate back then. I remember X-Factor #1, and thought that it was a bad gimmick (even though i bought like 15 copies :oP ... I was the typical "hot" speculator back then. Anyone remember the first Overstreet Updates that actually listed the percentages that comics had gone up. It was fun to see a new comic go up 110% or 240%...LOL. G.I. Joe comes to mind...i had two copies of #2...sold 'em when they were worth like $20. But i'm rambling in my reminiscing, now. LOL The 80's was the best time for comics, in that the sales were great...they were everywhere, and they were still like the old time comics...the grim 'n grittiness of Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen hadn't taken effect yet. I stopped collecting every month, in 1987, but it was fun while it lasted. The 80's had the right mixture fun and realism. The fun went away when comics got dark and serious.

  2. Hey Sean, thanks for stopping by and sharing. The 80s were indeed a magical time.



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