Thursday, September 11, 2014

1983 - Anatomy of a cover - The Daredevils #11


  1. The Daredevils was a superb comic/magazine. It ran Alan Moore & Alan Davis' Cap Britain strip (which was my initial reason for picking it up) but it was also where I first saw Frank Miller's run on Daredevil (reprinted here in black & white) & the Night Raven text stories. But it was the many 'documentary' text articles (about everything from Chinese comic to the portrayal of women in comics) that Daredevil's really found it's voice. It was a direct link between the UK comics fandom scene (which I was a small part of at that time) & professional comics, the creators & editorial team used to hang out at the same places as the fans, there was always the sense that they were 'one of us'...Alan Moore used to write the fanzine reviews in Daredevil's for chrissake! Eventually the magazine folded &, the editor )Bernie Jaye) moved on to pastures new. The Cap Britain strip continued of course, first in the revamped Mighty World Of Marvel, & then in his own title, but as good as both those mags were, it just wasn't the same somehow. Sure Marvel UK made comics which sold better than Daredevils (the relaunch in the early 90's, Death's Head et all) but they were basically imitations of American comics, Daredevils was truely a British affair & in my opinion the BEST thing Marvel UK ever did.

  2. Hey Staz, thanks for sharing. A great writeup.

  3. No worries Jason, as you can probably tell, The Daredevils was a favorite of mine.



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