Monday, July 7, 2014

1980 - Uncanny X-Men #140

John Byrne:
"Every issue there would be what I called my “ARGH!!” moment, when I came across something Chris had written that went against what I had drawn, or what we had plotted. The cumulative effect was numbing to say the least. Here I went “ARGH!” on the very first page
Can you tell why?
"Specifically, it was the way I had drawn Colossus easily ripping that stump out of the ground, replete with flying clumps of earth and speed lines versus the way Chris scripted it. I saw that page, printed, and just threw up my hands. “Can’t do this any more!”
"I called Weezi [Louise Simonson] (then the editor of Uncanny ) the same day, to resign.

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