Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1985 - X-Factor Preview - Amazing Heroes #83


  1. The return of Jean Grey marked the beginning of the "anything for a buck" Gimmick Age. It was the first time that a death of a major character was reversed for no good reason (at the expense of X-Men #101-138). I remember really hating the ridiculously contrived way in which Jean was brought back. It was shamefully over the top and not believable at all.

  2. That's what makes it hard to follow Marvel comics for too many years– things repeat or get reversed. I hated how the Sandman became evil again, after years of development into getting him to become a good guy.

    Apart from the Jean Grey stuff, X-Factor had its moments, especially the drawings of Walt Simonson!

  3. I would love to see X-Factor with Dazzler in the team instead of resurrected Jean, as it was planned at the begining.


  4. I disagree completely with statements like Jean Grey's death was reversed for no good reason and that the way that she was brought back was ridiculously contrived(at the expense of X-Men #101-138). I am eternally grateful to Jim Shooter for approving Kurt Busiek's idea. The most important reason is that the comic book character Jean Grey was absolved of genocide. I really loved that the entity Phoenix made a body of Jean for itself down to the molecular level, same brain-patterns and pheromone output.
    Also, I found it very hackneyed that a character who lives her life a superheroine becomes evil and dies as a supervillainess. To me such a character should die the way she lived; a heroine. Thankfully by revealing that it was the Phoenix entity that committed suicide, Jean Grey could return and when she met her demise it was while being a superheroine, NOT a supervillainess.

    To bad though that Jean Grey was publicly known instead of being the secret identity of Marvel Girl. That way her entire family would still be alive instead of slaughtered in the story arc End of Greys.



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