Monday, December 23, 2013

1981-84 - Incredible Hulk Annuals


  1. That's so strange! I just bought Annuals 6, 7, 8, and 9 last week. Nice to see a reminder of what the 80s Annuals will bring. Number 11 had that weird Hulk/Unus inventory story drawn by Miller. Good post!

  2. These Hulk Annuals remind me of the letter i sent to Peter David around 1986-'87, when the Hulk had just turned grey. I said in the letter, that the Hulk could be green by day and gray by night, (like what happened in the early Hulk issues when Bruce Banner became the Grey Hulk when the sun went down, if i remember right), that way the green Hulk and the grey Hulk could both co-exist together. Peter David send me back a note on a Marvel postcard, that said:

    "What i neat idea! Completely wrong, mind you, but a neat idea!"

    I got a kick out of it. A writer at Marvel replied to me! :o)

  3. Great covers!

    Hulk Annual #13 has one of my favorite stories, it's a highbrow, intellectual tale (which is usually not my taste). Hulk engages in a "symbiotic" relationship with a little ugly alien. Okay, maybe not so highbrow, but I was 10 when I read it. Highly recommended!




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