Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John Cassaday’s Avengers #19 Decades Variant Covers

A wonderful way to celebrate 50 years of the Avengers!


  1. Could you identify everyone on the "decade 4" variant? Cap, Thunderstrike, and Black Knight, I got. Is that Scarlet Witch? Hercules? Crystal? I can't figure it out. And while I love 90% of Cassaday's work, his facial work is not good. His faces all kinda look alike to me (very round, noses change size from panel to panel, eyes are big and always too heavily shadowed, etc.). The inconsistency in his facial work is obviously not in play on these covers, but everyone still looks alike (even Beast, which is particularly weird). It sounds like I'm way down on Cassaday - I'm not. The facial thing is just a particular pet peeve of mine. But I adore these covers. And any help on that decade 4 cover is appreciated.

  2. Hey David, the decade 4 variant features:

    Captain America
    Black Knight

  3. Really nice one....I will make one of these Avengers line-ups in the Marvel: Avengers Alliance game.Avengers Assemble

  4. Whoa these are GREAT! Too bad that Avengers book is such a stinker, IMO. starfoxxx

  5. Too bad no "Cap's Kooky Quartet".
    My personal favorite incarnation, and the one that I was introduced to first.

    Still, the '90's one (with Black Knight) might be a "to get".
    As long as it's not to pricey.

    (Minor nit: VISION is too bulky in his cover illo.)



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