Monday, August 19, 2013

1980 - Anatomy of a cover - Uncanny X-Men #129


  1. This was my first issue of the X-Men – and the issue that made me a comics lifer. Kitty Pryde was such a perfect POV character for little me. (It's not a coincidence that, years later, I would name my daughter Katja :-)

  2. The blurb on that cover is funny. "Save Us?" Looks like the X-Men are kicking their a**es!

  3. This was my first issue of X-Men too. I had always avoided the X-Men; I was not too familiar with them and had the impression that they were a little creepy and inferior to my usual books like Spidey and Avengers. But there was nothing else to buy (or for my dad to buy for me) at our local newsstand one day and I chose this. As Kitty Pryde was introduced into the world of Xavier and crew, so was I. Hooked from that issue on...what a ride! I stayed with the book(s) until 1995.



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