Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1987 - Art Adams' The X-Men

Happy New Year!

Grabbed from Art Adams' Facebook page.

And here's the coloured poster version:


  1. So, interesting when I zoomed into the picture. The little trademarky stuff on the bottom and the X-Men logo on top are both pasted on; this is not surprising.

    ...but what IS surprising is that Angel is pasted on, too. You can actually see that the paper's a slightly different color, and that the tip of his left wing is standing up from the page. I wonder if Angel was done separately in order to make sure that the logo didn't get in the way of him. Or do you think there was a different reason to paste him on?

  2. Hey David, good catch. I think you're right in that the Angel was done separately because of the logo.

  3. Actually, now that I look at it really closely, Angel and the logo itself are attached to one another, but pasted on. Interesting.

  4. I always loved this poster, but where are Havok's legs?!



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