Friday, July 27, 2012

Todd McFarlane's The Amazing Spider-Man #328 Cover Original Art Sells for $657,250.00

Wow, just wow. McFarlane's 1990 cover for Amazing Spider-Man #328 sold for $657,250.00 yesterday! I bet McFarlane wishes he had hung on to more of his original art! 


  1. That is an insane price! But also a very good cover. I never noticed but it looks like Spider-man is taking a cheap shot on the Hulk. Could be just the black and white original.

  2. Couldn't let this one go without adding a comment! Why would anyone spend that much on something as pointless as this in this current world-wide climate of austerity?!?! As far as original comic art goes this piece is hardly iconic being that it's 1990's Marvel and drawn by a man who although hugely talented helped sound the death knell (via an unnecessarily convoluted word balloon) of the comic industry!

  3. I just scrolled down from viewing a phenomenal Art Adams piece and I wonder how this McFarlane got published.

  4. I'm not a snob about Todd's artwork...I think it's great...

    But that selling price is jaw-dropping.

    What's even more interesting is that the seller is the father of those Shamus Wizard Magazine guys, who always promoted Todd.

  5. Hey Damian, I've always found McFarlane's art to be a little bit too cartoony. But you're right those prices are insane, a nice investment if you bought the art in the 90s.



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