Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1985 - Uncanny X-Men #199 p.11


  1. Having a look at that issue now. liked Rachel Summers pity they got rid of her out of the X-Men when they brought back Jean Grey. Great issue that. Loved the issue where she took on the beyonder #203 I think.,

  2. Loved that issue and still love Rachel 25 years later. Too bad Claremont took her out of Uncanny (even though I liked Excalibur) and basically brought an end to the X-Men as we knew them.

    Thanks, great post!

  3. Hey Sparky, that was a great issue, yes it was #203, when Rachel took on the Beyonder when all the X-Men were preparing to face their deaths.

  4. Hey EJK, I felt the same way, heartbroken that Claremont closed the book on the X-Men team that I had come to love.



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