Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1984 - Anatomy of a cover - Rom #50

It's interesting to see how the cover was cropped, particularly on the right hand side.

Love that caption: 
"Warning: Surgeons Have Generally Determined That Assistant Editor's Month 
Is Dangerous To Your Health!"


  1. Loved this issue which was the climax of the storyline. Skrulls vs Dire Wraits, Nuff Said!

    In spite that Buscema hated Akin & Garvey's work, I think that it gave a very cool mood to the series, and it was refreshing. Their inks didn't wok too well over other artists' work, but imho, it was perfect for this series.

    The original art of this cover was available a couple of years ago, and if I am not wrong, it sold for 2k.

  2. A GREAT issue!

    As good as the main feature was, the best part of the issue was the ROM Spacetoaster 1-page spoof.

    I blogged about it a while back:

    Anyway, as a HUGE lover of ROM, while Sal Buscema's work on this title was the best of his career (imho) I personally feel that the inks of Akin & Garvey placed the book in the top echelon of comics of the day.

    Reading these when they first came out, as a teen, when Akin&Garvey came on board, I was totally blown away and could not get enough!

    Hell, I STILL love to crack open a Buscema/Akin/Garvey issue.

    All that said; this was "Secret Invasion" done right!



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