Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1979 Micronauts #8

From Bob McLeod's Facebook page:

1979 Micronauts #8 written by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Michael Golden, lettering by Diana Albers. 
"The editors weren't happy with sales on this book, and blamed the art. They thought previous issues looked too "weak". They told Golden to add more blacks and draw it more like Kirby. They took Rubinstein off the book and had me ink it, which was ridiculous, because Rubinstein would have inked it very close to the pencils, which were much bolder than the previous issues, and I'm sure it would have looked fine."

 And here's the published version:


  1. That's really interesting. Do recall the look of the book changing towards the end of Michael Goldens run.

    Strange that the powers that be would have asked for a change though. I always thought that the art in those early Micronuats comics was fantastic. I really do appreciate Goldens art from that period.

  2. Glad they fixed the misplaced tag...



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