Friday, May 6, 2011

Thor (2011)

Attended the midnight screening of Thor last night and thought I'd post up a quick, spoiler-free review:

I really enjoyed it. It was a solid effort that entertains despite its flaws. B+

The Warriors Three were well cast, but just didn't have enough screen time. Loki was well cast. I was also impressed with Heimdall.

There was too much CGI and some of it was bad. Maybe it was because I saw it on such a large screen. Although the Destroyer was amazing and I was impressed by the twist they added to it.

The last half of the movie seemed to wrap up too quickly for the build-up the first half had set up.

They spent a little too much time on Earth and not enough on Asgard. The scale of Asgard was ridiculously large and did make you wonder how they moved around with such ease.

A lot of fun little Easter eggs and cameos.

I sat next two a couple of ladies who were obviously dragged out last night to see it, but based on their reactions, they had fun and liked it which is a great sign for the film and its broader appeal.

Make sure you say behind after the credits...

Well worth the shock of an early Friday morning! (Off to get some coffee now...)


  1. I LOVED this movie! I knew I'd like it, but it was really better than I thought it'd be.

    Kind of like what happened with Iron Man and Iron Man 2, where I am not the biggest fan of the main character, but ended really liking the movies.

    Liking Thor way better than Iron Man, I am satisfied with this film effort.

    Loki was amazing, as were Thor, Odin and Heimdall.

    I liked Sif and the Warriors Three, although I missed Balder. I guess, for film purposes, he was not too different from the Warriors Three and would not be given enough development, so it may have been for the best that he was absent.

    Strangely enough, for an Amora fan, right now is the first moment I realize there was no Enchantress. Again, for the better, since she may be more useful as a main antagonist in a sequel.

    I know there is enough appeal in this movie for the ladies. Even if they had never heard of Thor, mythology or Marvel Comics, take a lady to watch this movie and she will talk about it in a good way later. Much of this must be related to Chris Hemsworth's performance.

    Of course, the objective of raising interest in the Avengers movie keeps being met (as with the other Marvel Studios films). I can hardly wait now.

  2. Thanks for the great comment Cesar!

  3. The Frost Giants were so awesome that I wanted to see a movie with just them as a protagonist! I thought the ending battle with Loki was a bit rushed (though the scene with Thor planted Mjolner on Loki was awesome!) but overall LOVED it. And I LOVED the Destroyer!! It doesn't happen too often, but it's great when the movie version of comic characters looks so close to the original design.

  4. I saw the Movie today, it had some good parts, such as Thor being powerless and his interactions with mortals, and Loki s origin , he really is shown as a pawn on Odin War Games , is he a villian or a victim?, The weakest part was Loki s final maser-plot , if he could destroy the frost giants why didnt he made it as soon as he became king?. fun to watch , but not memorable.

  5. I thought it was a very good movie as well. A lot of inside moments and cameo's that made it fun. Thor's lesson I left was a little to fast but it was only 1 hour and 50 ish minutes so no biggie. The major difference I felt between the movie and the comic was Asgard and Magic. To me it felt more like the new gods and new Genesis than Asgard, especially the rainbow bridge, but a small gripe as it did not take away from the movie. Took my wife who has a passing interest in comics (more to humor me I think) and she walked out liking it more than I did. so there is hope for a border appeal. I think as of yesterday the movie had already grossed 270 million world wide.

  6. Loved it too!
    But the 3D just gave me a headache!
    I'd watch it again.. in 2D!



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