Monday, May 2, 2011

Simonson's Thor Omnibus finally in my hands!

Here are some pics of Simonson's Thor Omnibus! The package weighted in at 9lbs! My mailman kicked me in the shins after dropping it off! If you had any qualms about picking up this monster, pick it up!

And some love for the Sal Buscema issues...


  1. I have this still sitting in the Amazon box, waiting to be opened. It came last week. Trying to hold off until my birthday in July, but I'm not sure I'll make it. BTW, LOVE your blog. I was born in 1971 and am a real child of the 80s. IMHO, the real golden age of comics.

  2. Thanks Esteban. I was born in 1971 as well!

  3. Beautiful looking book but I find those omnibuses to be to unwieldy. I'd love if these were broken up in to smaller Master works volumes.

  4. Agreed. I think I need a stand or a pedestal to put it on to read it!

  5. just ordered 2 , one to read one to tuck away until the first falls to pieces .
    i wouldve only gotten one , but the pictures posted here showed breathtaking work and a ton of exquisite extras .
    thank you for posting the pics , it was essentially the catalyst for the extra copy and thanks to that now i feel comfortable being able to read this to tatters .
    amazing stuff , thanks again .




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