Friday, March 25, 2011

X-Men version of Byrne's 1984 Fantastic Four poster

As a huge fan of John Byrne's 1984 poster of the Fantastic Four.

I was blown away when I came across Byrne's similar approach on the Uncanny X-Men.

From Derek Muthat's Color Work Gallery at


  1. I love both!

    And he included everyone! Is that Nanny in the X-Men poster? Cool!

    And the Kree are represented in it, too.

    One can also see his love for Alpha Flight in the poster.

  2. Okay, I'd seen the FF one before----but that X-men poster is frickin' AWESOME. thank you.


  3. Simply amazing... but, I do have one character I can't seem to recognise. Check behind Wolverine, there's someone in an original X-men black/yellow training uniform crouching... Any idea who it might be?

  4. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Hey Jef, good eyes! I hadn't seen that before. And no, I don't know who that might be.

  6. i hope it's iceman, i can't find him elsewhere!

  7. Looking closely at that figure behind WOlverine, I see it's not crouching at all... it is some kind of primate, standing with stumpy hind legs and long arms touching the ground, knuckles-down.

    Since this image only shows X-characters that appeared during Byrne's tenure on the title (hence; no Iceman, nor grave for Thunderbird) I can't seem to recall any instance of an ape in an X-uniform... unless some character was de-evolved in a storyline? Or perhaps this character was from Byrne's later tenure (1990's era when he wrote X-Men?).

    OR... it is a hidden joke.
    Perhaps it is meant to be a fellow creator?
    Or a fan?
    Or... (and this is my favorite theory)... another Summers' brother (the old story goes that Byrne and Claremont used to joke about the 3rd brother who, upon reaching puberty and his powers kicking in... simply exploded).

    Either way, look closely at the area below Mariko's sleeve:
    there is a red "boomerang" delta-shaped red area amidst the black of the training uniform... looks like a visor.

    Let the speculation commence!

  8. This piece is a commission from John Byrne in the style of his FF poster detailing all the characters from his run on X-Men. He also did one with the Avengers.

    FYI - the character behind Wolverine is John Byrne's Caliban,a character he created but not used. See it in this thread:

  9. Hey Steve, thanks for solving that mystery!

  10. These are so incredibly cool. This is my first time seeing the X-Men one, too. See, this is why Byrne was my absolute favorite artist of the 80's, and it still one of my favorites today.



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