Saturday, March 26, 2011

1982 - Golden's Marvel Universe Poster

You see it every time you load up my blog. Here's the wonderful poster from Michael Golden, who I had the pleasure of meeting last weekend at Wizard World Toronto, with out the Marvel Comics of the 1980s text.

Well, here's the original ad:

As a kid, I foolishly send off 50 cents to S.Q. Productions Inc in hopes of getting my greedy little fingers on this amazing poster. Unfortunately, I never did. I'm assuming it was because I was from Canada. However, that never diminished my love for the poster even in its tinie-tiny size!

While it may have been an advertising gimmick as it was an eight-page catalog, two of those eight pages
was the 11"x17" poster or "superprint".

And here's the more recent print version. Not a big fan of the recolouring though.


  1. That is a classic for sure!! I agree about the re-colored version too... maybe they should get Golden to recolor it?

  2. I've got two (or three) of the mail-away posters.
    One of them is mine from the original mail-away, when, as a neophite Marvelite, and Golden fan, I taped two quarters to an index card and popped it into an envelope - sending off for my copy.

    The poster came folded into quadrants (a fold across and a fold down), as a part of an advertisement brochure for SQ Productions.

    My original one has tack-holes in the corners (from where I hung it on my wall as a youth - before I eventually got it framed), but the other(s) I have are mint, unopened copies.

    It truly is one of my all-time favorite pieces, from one of my top 5 comic artists.

    I even bought the "recent" lithograph, but, like you, hate the new coloring.
    One of the worst aspects is that they expanded the width of the piece, but didn't bother to do anything to complete the WATCHER's right side.
    Take a look.
    His right arm is just sort of amputated, with the coloring just making a mess of things there.

  3. Those updated colors look aweful.

  4. I so remember this.
    Also this may be fanboy stuff but it always irked me that McFarlande "introduced" the Spider-Man spaghetti webbing.

    Michael Golden did it first, years before McFarlande even got to Marvel.

  5. FYI Todd McFarlane gives credit where credit is due:

  6. Hey Damian, thanks for that link! I love McFarlane's yellow sweater.

  7. Ha! I knew I'd find this if I went through the blog! Here is the poster that I will always kick myself about not ordering back in the day! I agree about the "re-coloring", but it is still a truly kick ass drawing.

  8. I was also a kid from Canada who sent away 50 cents and never got this poster. A part of me never felt complete! :)



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