Monday, February 28, 2011

I want you! (And your questions)

I'd like to try and make my blog a bit more interactive. Do you have any questions about anything during the Marvel Comics of the 1980s? Whatever happened to that artist? Or that limited series? Or why did that creative team leave a particular book? This is your chance. Please ask away. I'd love to hear from you and love to dig around and find some answers for you!


  1. What ever happened to Ken Steacy? I really liked his style, esp. an Iron Man vs Doc Ock two parter he "drew" for Marvel Fanfare. thanks


  2. I have a few X-Men questions that I've long pondered. Although, these are more story related than behind the scenes. :)

    Maddie Pryor was a child that showed up in Avengers Annual #10. She was in one panel. The location was the hospital where Jessica Drew had taken Carol Danvers after Rogue wiped her memory and powers. I've always wondered what that was about.

    I've also wondered why Mastermind was messing with Mystique in the X-Men: From The Ashes storyline. Throughout that story, he was getting revenge on the X-Men by manipulating them and their colleagues until eventually making them think that Madelyne Pryor was Phoenix reincarnated, but what part did Mystique play in all this? It was Uncanny X-Men #170. She was dreaming she was chased down and hunted like a wolf by Jason Wyngarde and Lady Jean Grey. She wakes to find that Rogue had left her for Prof X. Did Mastermind manipulate Rogue to the good? And to what end?

    Thanks for running such an EXCELLENT blog!!

    - Mike McNeely

  3. What happened to Tony Salmons?! I loved his expressive style, but he did a lot of random fill ins, the only regular series I know of was "Dakota North" did he do any other regular art??... PS: He did an awesome Doctor Strange fill in...

  4. i'd like to her a little more about the miller/simonson story that was supposed to follow born again. that could've been great!

  5. People ask a lot about creators from the eighties, i d like to know what happened to Carl Potts he did some fine Punisher issues back then, plus it was apleasure to see the Jim Lee artwork on War Journal.
    Compliments on your site , it is just great, it shows know-how, and love for comics. Be well man.

  6. Until seeing it pop up on your site lately I had forgotten about the great stories that I used to read in Marvel Fanfare. Has their ever been a collection of Marvel Fanfare stories? I know it probably wouldn't fit into how typically trades are handled (one story arc), but I'd hate to think these nuggets of the 80's are lost to the back issue bins.

  7. Hey Ash, unfortunately there isn't much of Marvel Fanfare that's been reprinted. If I'm not mistaken, the Perez Black Widow storyline was recently reprinted in her Marvel Premiere Edition. But, that's about it.

  8. I dunno if this question fits the criteria, but I recently came across a panel in an X-Men comic that threw me for a loop. Uncanny X-Men #239, pages 22 and 23. Psylocke sent a pretty strong psibolt to Rogue during a training exercise knocking her unconscious. Carol Danvers took over Rogues psyche. This was only the second time for her to do so, the first being the previous arc in Genosha. At the bottom panel on page 23 she touches Psylocke's bare exposed shoulder. Before that she had gloves, but on this panel it's skin tone. I would normally think that it was a color error but there was a strong emphasis on this skin to skin touch. However, the dialogue doesn't allude to anything happening here.

  9. Hey Mike, I see what you mean. I'd agree that it's definitely a skin-to-skin touch. And obviously, since nothing happened, I can only conjecture that since Carol was in control and she was suppressing not only Rogue's personality, but her powers as well. Perhaps tying into the fact that her powers and the ability to control them are psychological as well.

    Hope that helped!



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