Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey Starfoxxx: What ever happened to Ken Steacy?

Ken Steacy is a Canadian comic book artist whose painted, slick art style was featured in several issues of Marvel Fanfare through the 1980s. Unfortunately, other than those issues of Marvel Fanfare, he didn't do anything else for Marvel Comics.

Highlights of his post-Marvel career included:
- The Sacred & the Profane (co-authored by Dean Motter)
- Night and the Enemy (stories by Harlan Ellison)
- Tempus Fugitive

His post-comic book endeavors have had him working in various multimedia educational entertainment as well as working for LucasFilm and other commercial art projects.

For his latest work, check out and more on his winning the Canadian Joe Shuster Award here:

Hope that helps!


  1. I loved Ken Steacy's work. Though his airbrush style was VERY 1980s.

  2. that Storm and Spiderman rendering are pretty tight!

  3. Thanks for the info, a real blast from the past. Man, that Marvel fanfare #22 cover is great, I like the fear in Iron Man's eyes. Too bad Milgrom in the corner box kinda ruins it. And I have the Alpha Flight issue (forgot about that one, though), but I've never seen Fanfare #44 before. It just made my "dig" list.


  4. Ken did at least one Marvel assignment other than Fanfare... check out the cover to Hulk 294.

  5. Enjoyed that Alpha Flight story

    Didn't he do some Speed Racer for Now Comics?



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