Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1986 - Anatomy of a Cover - Classic X-Men #1

Updated with more sequential images from Ferran Delgado's blog posting.

A little bit of love for Art Adams and his cover to Classic X-Men #1...

Preliminary cover design
Another preliminary, this time drawn by John Romita Sr.

Recoloured version


  1. oh yeah, i got a copy of this signed by Stan Lee.

  2. by the way Jason, i'm guessing your a Mike Golden fan as should every body be. i just happened to have posted (yesterday Sept.29)i really nice color drawing a fan did based off the cover of ROM Spaceknight #9.
    also yesterday day by coincidence a picture of a tattoo also based on that cover was posted to

  3. Cool. Thanks for passing along the link...

  4. Now that's a cool X-Men line-up; Havok, Storm, Nightcrawler... not to big and not to small... those were the days!



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