Monday, September 20, 2010

1981 - Captain America

I've already posted on Roger Stern and John Byrne's wonderful, but short run on Captain America. However, I wanted to follow up on the Red Skull trilogy which was planned to start with Captain America #257, but never saw the light of day...

Roger Stern from Stern Talk! (
The short version is that office politics and hassles led to our leaving the series. Next up would have been a Red Skull three-parter. And after that...well, John always wanted to see Cap take on some American Neo-Nazis.
 "Nazis...I hate those guys!" [...]
 Those pages were never scripted, but a plot to all three issues exists...or at least, existed. If a copy is still around, it's buried in my files or a box somewhere.
 A little over five years ago, there was actually some interest in John and me producing all three issues as a special of some sort. But then, other parties at Marvel started screwing John around.
 Still...maybe someday.
 and furthermore:
That was going to be our Red Skull trilogy. After we left Cap, I toyed with the idea of turning the story into a graphic novel. But later writers did some things with the Skull that would have invalidated the story. A couple of years ago, there was some talk of having John and me revisit the story as a special project “ sort of "What if Roger and John hadn’t left Captain America?" But then John started having major creative differences with Marvel. I guess the story will have to remain "The One that Got Away." For now, at least. I never say never.
And one more little tidbit, from Comics Feature #1 where Stern discusses his post issue #255 run: "After the first of next year there will be a two- or three-part story with the Red Skull in which the Skull's real face will be revealed for the first - and last - time. Following that will be stories with Arnim Zola and the Ameridroid."

Thanks to the fine folks at, I have the following unpublished (and unlettered) pages to share with you. Enjoy!


  1. Oh man. Wouldn't it be great if Marvel published a "Captain America Forever" limited series with Stern and Byrne pulling off their unpublished stories, kind of how they've done with "X-Men Forever" and "X-Factor Forever"? YES IT WOULD.

  2. I'm Canadian and I'd buy that in a heartbeat!



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