Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Favorite 10 Marvel one-shots of the 1980s

  1. Spider-Man vs Wolverine – Jim Owsley and Mark Bright/Al Williamson
  2. Silver Surfer – John Byrne
  3. Excalibur Special Edition “The Sword is Drawn” – Claremont & Davis
  4. New Mutants Special Edition – Claremont and Arthur Adams
  5. Uncanny X-Men vs Teen Titans – Claremont & Simonson
  6. Phoenix – The Untold Story
  7. X-Men Special Edition #1 (Reprinting Giant-Size X-Men with a backup feature by Dave Cockrum)
  8. Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter – DeMatteis & Zeck
  9. Wolverine Jungle Adventure – Walt Simonson & Mike Mignola
  10. Starlord Special Edition – Claremont, Byrne, and Austin

Worthy of mention…
- Hulk vs Wolverine Special Edition
- Fantastic Four Roast by Fred Hembeck


  1. What a great list, especially X-men and New Mutants Special Editions and Phoenix the Untold Story.

    And I'm very glad you mentioned Fantastic Four Roast. Along with that there's the Marvel No-Prize Book full of classic mistakes. To my ten-year-old self both these comics were Comedy Gold!

  2. I used to have that Spiderman/Wolverine one shot. that was one of the best Marvel team up stories ever written. it was some really great writing between the interplay of the main characters and the whole "international intrigue" theme of the story line.

  3. Loved that Fantastic Four Roast book. And, yeah, the cold war backdrop to the Spider-Man/Wolverine was great.

  4. I like your lis specially the New Mutants Special edition, i dont know if it is my number one , but it is in the first three places.

  5. FF Roast was a riot.

    Hated hated hated "Spidey meets Wolverine"! Such aggrandizement of Wolverine at Spider-Man's expense. Yuck.



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