Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1980 - Byrne/Austin X-Men print for the Marvel Comics Calendar

I could only find one of what I'm assuming is a 12 print calendar. If anyone has anymore info on this calendar please pass it on... It's a beautiful drawing...

I also came across a few pics from the 1980 Doctor Strange Calendar... enjoy...

Mike Zeck:

Frank Miller:

George Perez:

John Byrne:


  1. weird, i just saw an ad for that calendar in an old avengers issue and wondered who was in it, so thanks for posting and answering my question! i especially like zeck's ditko influenced piece.

  2. Looking at those pics, I see that you found those DOCTOR STRANGE calendar pics from my old post - wherein I give a pictorial essay on nearly EVERY MARVEL calendar from 1975 to the "present".

    And yet, sadly... no link-love to my original posts was in your entry.

    That's OK, I'll be glad to pop them here as a service to any readers who want to delve into the time-stream.

    Part 1: The CLASSIC Calendars:


    Part 2: The MODERN Calendars:


    Part 3: The DOCTOR STRANGE 1981 Calendar:


    As for the John Byrne piece... I'm sure I have that in ONE of those many calendars...
    I'll take a look and pop the answer back here for you.


    Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog

  3. Hey P, apologies for my lack of manners. :)

    Folks, please take so time and click over to http://sanctumsanctorumcomix.blogspot.com/ and check out his great Doctor Strange blog, it's a truly a great resource for anything Strange related!


  4. It's cool, J.

    It's not really a big deal, since it was more than likely an innocent oversight (google image searches can often produce desired images, but with little info as to their origins) but it's always good karma to spread the web-links, when possible.

    As for the JOHN BYRNE X-MEN illo.
    That's from the month of MAY for the 1981 calendar .
    The LAST of the "Classic" Marvel calendars.

    I hope that info helps.


  5. Thanks P! And thanks for the info, it most certainly helps.

  6. I'm confused by that Byrne/Austin illo ... Wolverine had his new costume and Kitty Pryde was in the X-Men by 1980?

  7. Hey Stephen, Kitty made her debut in Uncanny X-Men #129 (Jan. 1980). Wolverine got his brown costume in late 1980 circa Uncanny X-Men #139-140 (Nov-Dec 1980).



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