Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hercules - Twilight of a God

You might recall a few weeks ago I mentioned a Hercules project that Bob Layton was hoping would see the light of day. Well, here it is and it's set for June 2010!

Written by BOB LAYTON
Art & Cover by RON LIM & BOB LAYTON

THE PRINCE OF POWER IS BACK WITH ONE, FINAL ADVENTURE AS ONLY BOB LAYTON CAN TELL IT! Hercules has been the champion of the Andromeda galaxy for over 75 years! But when an attempt to save the capitol city of Port Anteris goes awry, the Lion of Olympus is left incapacitated and needing to be looked after by his Olympic offspring. However, with a sinister plot brewing against his son's government and the threat of Galactus looming, Hercules-even in his brain-addled state- is the galaxy's only hope! VERILY, 'TIS THE MIGHTIEST HERO EVER, IN A SPECTACULAR TALE SET IN THE FAR FLUNG FUTURE, THAT THOU SHAN'T WANT TO MISS! The long awaited follow-up to Bob Layton's classic Hercules run!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

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