Monday, March 29, 2010

My Favourite 1980s Marvel Slugfests

#10) Colossus vs. Juggernaut (Uncanny X-men #183)

#9) Thor vs. the Celestials (Thor #387-389 )

#8) Hulk vs. Thing: Marvel Fanfare #21

#7) Thor vs. the Midguard Serpent (Thor #380)

#6) Galactus vs. The In-Betweener (Silver Surfer #18)

#5) Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut (Amazing Spider-Man #229-230)

#4) Hulk vs. Everyone! (Hulk #300)

#3) Spider-Man vs. Firelord (Amazing Spider-Man #269-270)

#2) Uncanny X-Men vs the Imperial Guard (Uncanny X-Men #137)

And a tie for First...
#1A)Hulk vs. Everyone Part 2! (Hulk #316)

#1B) Wolverine vs Sabretooth (Uncanny X-Men #213)


  1. I certainly agree with the two Hulks (although I might switch the order) and the Spidey ones, and definitely X-men #137.

    But where's that great free-for-all in the last issue of Squadron Supreme? Great climax to a great series.

  2. Really did like that Squadron Supreme mini, but I wasn't really a big Paul Ryan fan. The early issues by Bob Hall seemed much more dynamic.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. love that simonson art! my vote is for spidey/juggernaut, though.

  4. Wow, great post. And it makes me a proud 80's-baby Marvel zombie, that i picked up most of these back then, except for the Thor stuff, and the Spidey/Juggy issues (just a bit before my time). I'm pretty sure I got them when Marvel Tales reprinted them, though. Hard to pick a favorite from these classics, but I'm such an Avengers junkie, I'd have top go with Hulk #300.


  5. For sure, my vote would have been for #5. #3, DeFalco's Spider-Man/Firelord battle was just a blatant rip-off of Stern's Spider-Man/Juggernaut masterpiece, as DeFalco didn't have an original bone in his body back then.

  6. I missed Kingpin vs Matt Murdock from Born Again, Daredevil v.s Many foes DD 260, Wolverine vs Spiderman ( one -shot), Kraven vs vermin (from last hunt), Hulk vs Wolverine 340( if only for the great Mc Farlane art) , among others. Great list though.

  7. The Avengers vs Ultron where at the end of the issue it's "They're all dead!".

  8. Romita JR has been "the guy". Here in Brazil by chronological problems with this fight was shown hulk iron man gold and red, bizarre!



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