Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's play the unpublished cover game!

A no-prize to folks who can guess the actual issues these unpublished covers were intended for?


  1. Iron Man no. 121
    Amazing Spider-Man no. 220
    X-Factor no. 2 (pretty much the same cover, really)
    Amazing Spider-Man no. 262 (looks like the photographed cover, appropriately)

    Iron Man no. ???? Arrgh, the only one I don't recognize...I'm going to guess it's Iron Man no. 232, the last Armor Wars, the one published with a nice Barry Windsor-Smith cover instead?

    Thank you, this was fun.

  2. Iron Man #121 - Correct!
    Amazing Spider-Man #220 - Correct!
    X-Factor #2 - Correct!
    Amazing Spider-Man #262 - Correct!
    Iron Man #232 - Close, very close!

  3. i knew the two spider-man ones, but you beat me to it! nice work.

  4. Iron Man no. 231? (I can't remember what the last armor wars issue was precisely).

    And I refuse to google this to figure it out.

    Anyway, I'm glad I got those other ones (really quite a fluke that I happen to have them all, except the Spider-Man photograph cover, but I keep seeing it in the bins and am going to buy it eventually...). Again, thanks for the fun!

  5. Soooo close. Iron Man #230...

    the published cover...

  6. Wow, that's the furthest departure from the published version out of the issues you selected. Not sure which I like better (the action's cool, but that broken helmet is pretty dramatic).

    Thanks for reveal! All the best.

  7. WOw, the fact that i knew 3 of these off the top of my head is scary! I can't remember where I put my car keys, but i remember comic stuff from the 80's so vividly. I usually attribute this to being such a "sponge" for comic info in the 80's, before the hazy, party-time, 90's (when i wasn't reading comics anyway--and for good reason!

    btw, great blog, one of my favorites!



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