Monday, February 15, 2010

1985 – Eternals

Eternals 12- issue miniseries
Writers: Peter B. Gillis/Walt Simonson
Artists: Sal Buscema/Keith Pollard/Paul Ryan/Al Gordon/Danny Bulanadi/Sam DeLaRosa/Geoff Isherwood/Tom Morgan/Keith Williams/Al Williamson

This miniseries dealt with two major issues that have affected the Eternals since they last had a series: the death of their leader, Zuras (Thor #300), and that most of the Eternals have joined together as the Uni-Mind to explore the universe (Avenger #248).

Peter Gillis left the title after issue #8 and Walt Simonson took on the last quarter of the miniseries. Apparently, Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter had disliked Gillis’ scripts (

Sal Buscema did a solid job with the art and mimicked Kirby’s art where appropriate, like using Kirby dots or Kirby machinery. Unfortunately, as the series progresses, the art tended to get worse as a variety of ill-suited inkers were used.

With issue #10 there was also a switch in pencilers, and unfortunately, from an artistic point of view, the series limped along until its conclusion.

The plot also had some major holes and contradictions. Thena gained the throne of the Eternals and the power of Zuras in issue #1 and most the remaining Eternals couldn’t care less. However, with issue #9, Ikaris suddenly cared enough to challenge Thena for the throne and defeated her.

Can’t say that I saw any reason for the killing of Ikaris’ love interest, Margo. She was  killed by one of Ghaur’s underlings in an attempt to covert her into a Deviant. A sad, empty death.

Great covers by Simonson for issues #1 & 2.

Issue #2 introduced the priest-lord Ghaur who eventually becomes the main antagonist in this miniseries and goes on to cause problems years later in the Atlantis Attacks Annual event.

Issue #3 introduced two new Eternals, Phastos and Kingo, and they have faded into obscurity.

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