Friday, September 4, 2009

Meeting Erin Gray at Fan Expo 2009

What a great show this year. Got a ton of books signed. Met Len Wein, JM Stracynski, Olivier Coipel, Marko Djurdevic, Chris Bachalo, and Mike Deodato Jr.

However, the highlight was meeting Erin Gray.

It was the last day of the Fan Expo and I was wandering about taking a few pictures before the show opened to the public. Walking along the celebrity signing area, I spotted Erin Gray and meekly walked over to her table. She greeted me with a smile and I asked to take her picture. She said yes, but she’d like a $5 donation for charity. I pulled out my wallet faster than a gunslinger of the Old West and handed over the $5. She came around the table and I asked one of the Fan Expo staff to take our picture.

She put her arm around me and you can tell by the smile on my face how surprised I was. After the pictures, I thanked her and expected to get out of her way. With all sincerity, she shook my hand and asked my name. I stammered an answer.

We just started talking about Buck Rogers and how the space vampire episode had scared me as a kid. She was told me that many other guys my age had complained about that episode. She laughed about it and told me the whole cast thought the show was so campy they were surprised that the episode had scared so many people.

I finally excused myself knowing she had to get her table ready as the doors were opening to the public in a few minutes. I thanked her and walked away with a grin and a skip in my step. Such a classy lady.

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  1. I had many fantasies about Erin Gray when i was just a little tike watching Buck Rodgers back in the day.



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