Sunday, September 13, 2009

Comics shipping this week - September 16th

Two hardcovers from the 1980s shipping this week:

Hercules Prince Of Power HC Premiere Edition
Always loved Layton's Hercules miniseries. It had that fun feel to it that the current Incredible Hercules also has. Too bad this HC collection doesn't reprint the graphic novel that featured one of his offsprings trying to kill him. The whole series take place in what could be called a What If? future Marvel Universe. Definitely a fun playground. Keep an eye for this one though. It's a great read.

Thor - Balder The Brave HC Premiere Edition
Being a huge Simonson Thor, any spin-off was instantly picked up. I recall being disappointed that Simonson hadn't done the art, which would have been tough to do as Simonson was writing and drawing the core Thor title. However, Sal Buscema, one of Marvel's more prolific and reliable artists, was more than up to the challenge. His art was so good on this series I was actually happy he had eventually taken over the art chores on Thor.


  1. I already have placed my order for the Balder HC. Is this the Hercules mini that also had Starfox in it? By the way, what ever happened to him?

  2. Correct, it includes both the 1982 and 1984 miniseries. The last I've read of Starfox was in She-Hulk #6-13 (2006) where he was actually put on trial for using his influence powers.



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