Friday, June 5, 2009

X-Men: Inferno HC

Just received this wonderful hardcover this week. 

From the solicitation blurb:
The match is struck as the enigmatic geneticist Mr. Sinister and the demon-lord N’astirh set their respective master plans in motion — both centered around one woman: Madelyne Pryor, wife of Scott Summers, the X-Man called Cyclops.

The flame is fanned as Sinister’s agents, the Marauders, attack Madelyne’s protectors in the X-Men, while a horde of N’astirh’s demons prey upon the helpless, horrified populace of New York City.

The inferno burns as Madelyne strikes her own bargain with N’astirh, and as the Goblin Queen, threatens to cast a spell that would render the entire earth a hellish wasteland where demons rule.

And the sacrifice necessary is none other than her own innocent child, Nathan Christopher Summers! It’s the X-Men, X-Factor, and the New Mutants in one of their most harrowing ordeals ever, with the fate of entire dimensions hanging in the balance — and the price for victory perhaps higher than any of them can bear

It collects:
  • X-Factor #33-40
  • X-Terminators #1-4
  • Uncanny X-Men #239-243
  • New Mutants #71-73 and 
  • X-Factor Annual #4.

All in all, a great HC book. The binding is a really nice sown binding. The gutters are good. And the book lies nice and flat no matter where you are in the book. The recolouring looks great. Check it out!


  1. I found your blog by chance, searching for people that do my same job and finding a very nice blog!! keep up the good work -- hope to read more about the x-man that I am starting to know only now!

  2. Just finished reading my copy as well! Nice construction - able to read it flat is huge. Even liked the Blues Brothers FBI agents. hadn't read that issue before. Man, I long for teh days of the Original X-Factor.

  3. Hate this comment procedure!

    Yeah - finished reading my copy this week. You were right about the construction. How great it is to read something this large flat. Even loved the Blues Brothers FBI agents rip-offs. Haden't read that before. The X-Factor team was great for about eight issues and the whole X-Men turning into invisible legends was just stupid.

  4. This was the storyline that made me stop reading the X-Men. I don't know, it was just...too much at the time, I guess. And I liked Maddie Pryor, dang it. Turning her into "the Goblin Queen" really annoyed me. Jerks. :)

  5. Yeah,they really mishandled the whole Scott Summers/Maddie Pryor.



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