Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1984 - Iceman

Iceman #1-4 (December 1984 - June 1985)
Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
Penciller: Paul Kupperberg
Inker: Mike Gustovich

I noticed that Marvel was putting out a few limited series starring core characters from the Defenders and picked up the Iceman series. I was disappointed. Kupperberg's art was too cartoonish and lacked finish. His figures are disproportionate and always seems to be caught in awkward positions. Gustovich's inks were heavy and loose, and did nothing to embellish Kupperberg's weak pencils, especially the faces. The backgrounds were almost nonexistent.

You can tell what DeMatteis wanted pull off, but he just doesn't do it. Basically, Iceman learns an important lesson as he saves the universe and helps Mirage and Oblivion resolve their differences. Mirage and Oblivion are cardboard characters with almost omnipotent powers. Iceman lacked a character with which to interact. It seemed almost like a one man play. The villains White Light, Idiot, and Kali were boring, disposable characters. The Idiot's dialog was incredible annoying.

The covers by Mike Zeck are probably the most redeemable features of this series.

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