Friday, October 23, 2015

Uncanny X-Men #109 Revisted by John Byrne

Uncanny X-Men #109, originally drawn by Dave Cockrum, reimagined 
by John Byrne for Alpha Flight #17 and a recent commission.


  1. Man, it just pains me to see how much Byrne's art has declined. He was a great artist in the late 70s and especially the 80s, and I'd even say in the early 90s with his Namor run and Dark Horse work. Somewhere around that time his pencils just started getting sloppier and sloppier, and he's been in a steady decline ever since. His characters now seem more and more... I don't know, cartoony, I guess. Still, great revisiting his X-Men and Alpha Flight characters, who are as familiar as old friends. :)

  2. The comission piece at the bottom was done in 2015. Looking at that I don't see a decline at all. The last book I picked up that he drew was his Next Men re-visit from a couple years ago and I thought it looked great.

  3. Proof that while Byrne was superior at drawing figures, he was inferior at drawing action.



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