Thursday, March 20, 2014

1983 - Pin-ups from Doctor Strange Classics

Name the artists. How many can you get right?


  1. This might have been a more tricky problem to complete if you hadn't put the names of the artists in the file names :-)

    But in the interests of honesty, here are the ones I managed to identify before I realised the answers were staring at me...

    1) Bill Sienkiewicz
    2) Carl Potts (might have been difficult if not for that huge signature...)
    3) I couldn't identify this at all
    4) Jon J. Muth
    5) Kevin Nowlan
    6) Michael Golden
    7) P. Craig Russell
    8) Steve Leialoha
    9) I couldn't identify this one either
    10) Arthur Adams

  2. #3 -Dan Green

    #9 -Tony Salmon

  3. Great stuff... Maybe it is because I am rewatching a lot of Magnum PI lately, but in number 5 Doctor Strange looks a bit like Tom Selleck to me... :)



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