Friday, September 9, 2011

Preview of next week's Alpha Flight #4

That last panel is incredible...


  1. The usual gore, shock, gratuity, no-story, immature crap that low-sales, never-back-to-its-glory-days, comics put out these days till they get rebooted in less than a year.

    If by "inCredible" you mean crappy; yes, it is :O)

  2. Hey Anonymous, I have to whole heartily disagree with you on your comment.

    I give this new Alpha Flight series a lot of credit. It's done everything the right way: starting out as a limited series, going monthly when it got the right level of sales, and paid homage to the title's history (specifically the 1980s).

    Alpha Flight actually doesn't rely on "The usual gore, shock, gratuity, no-story, immature crap". It's a solid story with more character depth than I've seen in a long time.



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